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Construction Aerial Photography

Construction Aerial Photography

Drone flights, progress images and inspections completely customized for your construction project

Our construction aerial photography services include

  • Surveying along with stockpile and volume measurements
  • Inspections
  • Marketing material

We have experience working on multiple and various construction projects ranging from housing developments to road building to stadiums and more in and around South Florida. What that means for you is that we bring construction-specific knowledge and expertise to your project.  This saves you time and money.  You do not have to explain your construction practices to us; we have that vital experience. Being local, we understand the environmental conditions in which you work. We are more cognizant of concerns unique to our locale that can crop up and affect your project.

Construction aerial photography - exactly what you need when you need it

Construction aerial photography thoroughly explained cost structure so you know upfront what your investment in the drone flight or inspection will be. You let us know what you need and when you need it and we explain how we can provide it.

Based in South Florida, we are familiar with the environmental, weather-related and regulatory constraints you face.  This makes us especially great at meeting your drone-based needs. We provide quick turnaround.  Our team of professional FAA-certified pilots consider scheduling your project as their priority.  Completing the drone flight and getting your data and/or images to you when you need it is what we do. We are a local service business.  This means there are minimal, if any, charges for travel expenses.  With thousands of hours of flight time, our drone pilots are certified, insured and proven competent.  They are familiar with the conditions in which you work and live.  For you, this means that your costs are reduced, and the levels of accuracy are the best that can be acquired.

Our team of professional FAA-certified pilots understands the importance of getting the job done right and right on schedule.  We provide excellent products and services to support your excellent work. We are service oriented.  That means that we communicate quickly with you on all aspects of the project, we provide excellent service with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Security is not trivial; your project information is secure with us.  We do not share your project information with anyone unless you give us specific instructions to share it with specific parties.

We have conducted drone flights for multiple and varied construction sites and we hold all the necessary insurance to perform the job ensuring your peace of mind. We also guarantee that we are all fully compliant with all local, Federal and State statutes. We pay attention to the details.  For example, when working on a complex roof with lots of facets, planes, and edges, we understand the challenges of getting all the edges and the various angles; we measure them precisely and we ensure that all the relevant data are uploaded and reported out accurately.  

Drone-enhanced Safety

As an added layer of protection for your team, you and the public, our drone videography can do the dangerous pre-operation inspections of all components of your fall protection systems. This ensures that the OSHA mandated daily thorough inspection gets done and keeps all employees out of harm’s way eliminating injuries or death.

To augment your tall crane inspections, our drone inspection can home in on high wear problem areas so that your team is fully aware of any potential issues before they put anyone in imminent danger.

On long haul roads, our drone pilots can do the pre-operation inspection before you send traffic down that road.  This ensures any road washouts or other hazards are identified before vehicles are permitted to travel that route.

Pipeline and powerline drone inspections are completed in a safe and efficient manner allowing you to get to work fully aware of any possible hazards.  Our drone pilots can survey tree-cutting projects to make your team aware of setback violations and any other potential hazards.  In more isolated, uninhabited or infrequently traveled areas, our drone pilots can use videography to warn your team of potential wildlife or other hazards.

One of the more hazardous aspects of construction projects can be electrical installation inspections. Our drone inspections eliminate exposure to the potential hazards of utilizing boom trucks, falls from height and electrocution.

Our drone pilots provide you with real time information from dangerous areas.  Whether exposure to fall, atmospheric, wildlife or general working area hazards, our drone pilots provide you information that allows you to safely evaluate and mitigate those hazards.  All of this is done without exposing any of your team or the public to the potential hazards.  

To ensure safe pedestrian and equipment traffic flows, we can provide drone photography and videography inside large structures enabling you to evaluate 360° traffic flow during construction or after the structure is being fully utilized.  This feature can help you assess any damage caused by fire or flood without risking the lives of any of your team members.

Construction Aerial Photography Documentation and Progress Tracking

Our clear and perfect drone photography of your project at all phases of progress from green- or brown-field to completed construction ensures you have all the information you need when you need it.  This allows you to reduce costs.  This will also help you at the close of your project during your post-project review to evaluate possible future improvements in your processes as well as providing additional sales points for your upcoming projects.

We provide construction aerial photography from multiple angles to help you better assess all aspects of your project.

All of this allows you to track your project’s progress and to report out specifics to your stakeholders.  It also allows you to identify any traffic bottlenecks or other potential disruptions to the smooth flow of your project.

Our drone roof inspections and other construction inspections provide you with actionable information for you and your clients.  It also provides you with status updates.

Orthomosaic mapping and photogrammetry

By utilizing orthomosaic mapping, our drone pilots can provide geometrically accurate imaging representations of your jobsites. This allows you the opportunity to completely understand the nuances of your project’s terrain and other features.

Our drone orthomosaic mapping uses hundreds or thousands of drone-captured images “stitched” together to give you a precise image of your project or facility.  Our orthomosaic mapping is so precise that it can discern cracks in pavement or in roofing.  This allows you the best opportunity for evaluating and estimating repair or maintenance costs on roofs or vast parking lots. It allows you to evaluate roadways or buildings or roofs ensuring you completely understand the extent of any work needed.

Our orthomosaic technology allows us to measure stockpiles and to evaluate volumes.  This will help you to estimate accurately your spoil piles, resources and potential tax liabilities.

Photogrammetry is regarded as one of the best techniques for processing of image data, providing accurate and detailed 3D information. Drone-captured close-range photogrammetry is largely preferred over other techniques for data acquisition and processing when working with architectural structures and elements and for mapping applications. It also allows us to capture missing elements that may otherwise be missed; thus, we help fill in the gaps you may find in a Google photo. It is usually less costly and has fewer time and location constraints.

All of this is accomplished with centimeter level accuracy.


As part of your surveying efforts, our drone pilots can create 2D and 3D elevation models for you. This makes it possible for you to fill in any gaps that exist in your favorite Google image.  Our comprehensive 3D images of your project area allow you to better estimate your cut/fill quantities as well as property or project boundaries.

Our drone pilots’ surveying capabilities provide you with a bird’s eye view of your project with exact measurements.  This reduces the time your surveyors must be on the ground.  Of course, this enhances their safety and saves their time and your money.  This helps with your bid calculations and also provides you with real time data on project progress.

Marketing Materials

Our aerial photography or videography gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase your projects to the public and to future clients.  We also provide drone photography and videography inside large structures enabling you to evaluate 360° traffic flow during construction or after the structure is being fully utilized.  This is a positive point for you to share with your stakeholders so that they better understand any pertinent points.  

We provide custom drone videography and photography editing for your upcoming presentations.  This allows us to create stunning marketing materials unheard of or cost prohibitive before drone technology.

Being fully licensed drone pilots, we are in absolute compliance with Federal Aviation Agency standards for drone operations.  This guarantees the safety of you and your team, your project and the public.  We eliminate the possibility of liability that can be caused by using unlicensed or inexperienced pilots. All of this adds to your peace of mind and marketability.

Our Process

  1. Discuss your project and schedule the drone flight.
  2. Our drone pilot addresses all FAA-relevant considerations for your needs.
  3. Our drone pilot flies the project gathering the data you request.
  4. We review and analyze the data.
  5. We finalize and present the report and any other material to you on schedule.

Our process is designed to assure your complete peace of mind when you have us do your drone inspections.

By utilizing any of our construction aerial photography & drone-based services, you will know that your needs will be met safely, correctly, thoroughly and on schedule.