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Construction Time Lapse

Construction Time Lapse

Visual Storytelling of Construction With Time lapse Films

Most of us only take an interest in a construction project only when present with the completed work on marvelous structures. Might be buildings, bridges or roads. Magazines, posters, and calendars only show near perfect shots of accomplished engineering and architectural feats. They are all full of glamour and elegance, with a visually stunning presentation. I enjoy looking at impressive works of construction as much as the next person, but the genuine appreciation of the immensity and complexity of the task should come from the construction process itself.  

Days, months and years go into construction projects. Yes, the construction progress is slow, but it should be captured nonetheless. The construction process is one of those things that can’t be described by words; you just have to see it. With today’s film and photography technology, the story can be told in a very short film. We are not talking full-length documentaries – there is a different time and place for those; Construction Time Lapse Video, the story of breaking ground to the grand unveiling condensed into barely a few minutes. 

   What is a Construction Time Lapse Video?

They are photographs of a slow-moving process taken at consistent time intervals and compiled together to create a short speeded up video of the process. 

A construction site is photographed periodically from breaking the ground to grand opening, the photos compiled into a short detailed video of the entire process, usually 2-3 minutes long.

Each frame of the time-lapse video represents the period between two shots which can be seconds, minutes, or days  depending on the speed of the process being captured. It’s all about telling the story that we would otherwise have no time for.  

How we do it

A construction time lapse  video is completed in three stages. The first being, of course, taking the photos, then processing the photos into a coherent film and finally revealing it to the audience via various distribution channels.  


Taking photos

Depending on the size of the construction site and the company budget, single or multiple cameras are strategically set up around the site to take the best photos. The cameras need to be tended to every so often to ensure they are working properly during the construction period. 

The key to this process is unbreakable perseverance and adapting to cope with inevitable challenges on the construction site. Weather, for instance, is a major problem, obscuring photos and causing potential harm to the cameras. Specially designed cases are used in some cases to protect the cameras from rain, dust, and wind. Another challenge is electricity, in a construction site this might be a problem. In dire cases where cameras need to run for a long time, we use solar panels to provide power and keep them online.

construction time lapse camera installation


After photos from all the cameras has been collected, everything comes together in the postproduction stage. Every frame is carefully analyzed, corrected for lighting and flickering and paired with the most suitable adjacent frame. At this stage, sound elements such as music, narrations, and sound effects are added to the final cut. Other graphic details are also embedded in the video to enhance visual treatment. This process requires a creative and skilled hand, and a Keen eye for detail to make an engaging construction time lapse video


After the video is completed, it’s time to present it and intrigue audiences. We assist in uploading the video to all the relevant platforms and promote it on social media. 

Why you need a Construction Time Lapse video?

A time-lapse construction film encapsulates the progress, the challenges, and the memories of a construction event in a single moment. The video depicts the finished structure not just as a work of art but also as a product of overcoming obstacles, hard, relentless work and appreciating progress. Here are the reasons you need to document your construction process.


 Construction time lapse videos in addition to construction photography can showcase your work and achievement as a builder to interested parties and be part of your portfolio. The standing structure may speak for itself, but nothing shows your accomplishment better than a two-minute video of the step-by-step process, literally from the ground up. 

Project Documentation

Blueprints and detailed building plans on paper may appeal to the few who can understand them, but a video tells the story visually in no time. Time-lapse videos are an excellent way to document the magical transformation process, and also bring a bit of new age flare in your documentation system.


Time-lapse videos are detailed and packed with useful information about building practices. Seeing the entire progression of construction in a flash paints the big picture from which new ideas and problem-solving techniques can be derived. As an educational material, construction time lapses videos gives you an eagle-eye view on a scale never before imagined. 

If you don’t need a construction time lapse video for any of these reasons, why not do it for the sheer fun of it. They make a great video - not long; but still very satisfying to watch if you think of the time and effort that goes into making one.

Are your construction time lapse services expensive?

No. All this is done at a very competitive and affordable price on an hourly, daily, monthly or annual rate.