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Construction Photo Documentation

Construction Photo Documentation

Fast and simple 360º construction photo documentation solution

Construction photo documentation enables companies to have comprehensive visual records of every project. Given the dynamic environment of a construction site and new COVID-19 safety protocols, our 360 photo documentation service will allow builders to effectively manage, monitor, and document construction progress with remote access capabilities. Many contracts require some sort of photo documentation and for many companies it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Look no further! We got you covered. The latest 3D imaging technology will unlocking the potential for data-driven insights, yield a positive return on investment throughout the lifecycle of a project and pay off long after the project is complete.

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Our Service

Reliable and Cost effective 360° Construction Photo Documentation for Your Projects


We will walk your construction site on regular basis with our 360° cameras and capture digital visual records


All captured 360° photos will be organized and pinned to the floorplan


Images will be uploaded and stored in a secure cloud server environment so you can access them on moments notice


We offer multiple cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs or simply work with the technology that you might already have


Construction photo documentation saves time and money by defining the timeline, quality and accuracy of your project

Your Benefits

Increase Earning and Productivity, Reduce costs, risks, errors and travel. Improve Communication.

Remote access

Visit your construction site from  any device anywhere in the world. No more flying or driving to check on the progress.

Hands Free Solution

Stop wasting your time by taking pictures yourself. We provide a hands free solution. Concentrate on what you do the best and enjoy they benefits of working with us.


Share  360 time-stamped construction progress imagery with your team members, sub contractors and remote stakeholders

Time Travel

The future has arrived. Navigate to any point in time to any part of your project and research complete evolution of your construction projects in immersive virtual reality mode.

Legal record

Document existing conditions before construction starts. Pre-pour, in-wall and above ceiling documentation. Complete legal record of all activities on job site cannot be overstated


Effective communication is essential to the successful completion of any construction project. If picture worth a thousand words, then 360° picture worth 360 000 words. Our visual communication tools will connect all the teams on the project and provide you with organized and seamless process.

Quality Control

Level of construction quality might be different from on subcontractor to another. Assessment and maintenance of the highest standard of quality control is made a lot easier with out virtual walkthrough the jobsite. Quality standards can be set and measured to ensure the project is completed and the entire team is satisfied with the end result.

Integration & Competability

Fully integrate with exciting project management & VDC tools such as Procore and BIM 360